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29 Aug 2016


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Lousiana Origin of Product Law

Businesses in Louisiana have another law to comply with.  Effective 1 August 2016 businesses in Louisiana will not be allowed to misrepresent the origin of their products.

Businesses cannot misrepresent the origin of fruits, vegetables, grain, meat, and fish, including shellfish, or fish, including catfish, sold, or offered or exposed for sale, to any actual or prospective consumer.  It defines “Catfish” as only those species within the family of Ictaluridae, Ariidae or Loricariidae.

This law amends Section 1. R.S. 3:4617(C) of Title 3-Agriculture and Forestry law.  This laws outlines how businesses shall not misrepresent the price, name, or label of products sold in Louisiana. It also defines the use of the terms “Cajun” and “Louisiana Creole”.

House Bill No. 336
R.S. 3:4617(C)

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