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What is Cyber Libiality Insurance and who needs it?
If your business website got hacked it could be costly.  In order to recover you would have to pay for costs associated with the following:

- Crisis management:  You will have to hire PR people to protect the reputation of your brand.

- Defensse of the site: You will have to put up better defenses.  You may have to hire a Cyber Security Tech if you didn't have one.

- Notification to customers whose information was exposed.  Many states now have laws that require this.

-  Credit Monitoring for each individual whose information was compromised.

- Forensic expenses.  Before using your system again you will want to make sure it is no longer compromised.

Cyber liability insurance protects against risks associated with doing business over the Internet.  It provides your business with cash to minimise the loss that result from disruptions to the business site.  It covers the following:

- lost sales due to business interruption


- cost to notify customers of a breach


- Internet-related intellectual property infringement


- virus transmitted over the Internet


- privacy data breaches


- legal fees associated with lawsuits from customers on Internet related issues


If you do one or more of these things you need cyber liability insurance:


- sell over the Internet


- run a web hosting service


- your website capture and store personal data of visitors to the site


- perform maintenance on clients systems


Small businesses are increasingly becoming a target for hackers because they are perceived as lacking the resources to protect their networks.  Cyber liability insurance protects your small business from being exposed to financial loss due to disruptions or lawsuits from affected customers as a result of cyber intrusions.  It is a good measure to take if you small business relies heavily on the Internet.


Cyber liability insurance can be obtained as a stand-alone policy or as part of a Business Owners Policy (BOP) that you may already have.


Cyber liability insurance can cost anywhere from $500 to $120,000 annually depending on factors such as the size of your business, annual revenues and your industry.


Use the resources below to find the best cyber liability insurance for your small business.



Organization Description

Aligned Insurance

Aligned Insurance is an insurance broker service that can help you find the right cyber liability insurance for your small business.

Bancorp South

Our experienced insurance team will work with your small business to determine what exposure you have and what you need covered.

Bankers Insurance

As an independent insurance agency, we represent many insurance companies, will shop your insurance with them, and present you with the best quotes.

Bryant Asset Protection

Bryant Asset Protection is an independent insurance brokerage that can find you the best cyber liability insurance policy in the country.

Butwin Insurance Group

Butwin Insurance Group is an insurance broker service that can help you find the right cyber liability insurance for your small business.

Charles River Insurance

Proudly Providing Cyber Insurance to Businesses in Massachusetts & Many Other States Across the Nation.


They offers a full range of cyber liability protection for your small business.


Enter your zip code and get cyber liability insurance for your small business anywhere in the country.

Cyber Liability Pros

Cyber Liability Pros will conduct an audit of your business and find you the right cyber liability policy for your small business.

Cybershield Global, LLC

CSG is an annual membership that offers the right cyber security solutions for small and medium businesses.


CyberProGuard provides cyber liability insurance directly and through brokers.


We can help evaluate and improve upon your businessís current data protection plan, or we can help create a customized plan from the ground up for your business.

Dickey McCay Insurance

Dickey McCay Insurance is an insurance brokerage service that will find you the best cyber liability insurance for your small business anywhere in the U.S.

Dominick & Associates

Domenic & Associates specialise in providing cyber liability insurance to IT firms.


A platform that lets you search for cyber liability insurance providers anywhere in the country.

Grange Insurance

Provides cyber liability insurance policies.  They also let you bundle it with other Business Insurance Policies (BOP).

Haberman Insurance

Haberman Insurance is an independent broker providing Cyber insurance to companies in Massachusetts & 46 other states cross the Nation.

Harding & Jacob Insurance

Harding & Jacob Insurance has the resources to help your Cleveland, Ohio small business address its cyber security risks and needs. We work with some of the best carriers of cyber insurance who are on the forefront of this type of coverage. Many of the cyber programs we offer include additional risk management resources, like on-call legal assistance in the event of a breach at no additional cost.

HSB CyberOne

HSB CyberOne coverage is a cyber risk insurance solution designed by Hartford Steam Boiler to help small businesses recover from damage to data and systems caused by a computer attack. This cyber threat protection also provides defense and liability coverage for third-party lawsuits alleging damage due to the insured inadequately securing its computer system.

Insurance Hub

Insurance Hub is a platform that lets you search and find the best cyber liability insurance anywhere in the U.S.

Insurance Quotes

Insurance Quotes is a platform that lets you search for cyber liability insurance and get the best plan for your small business regardless of where it is located.

Insurance Specialist, Inc.

Insurance Specialists, Inc. can help you create a cyber insurance small business solution plan that is personally tailored to the exact needs of your company.


Get a quote for cyber liability insurance based on the type of industry you're in.


Insuretrust provides cyber liability insurance to businesses in a broad range of industries.

Integrity Insurance

Integrity Insurance offers cyber libiality insurance as a standard part of our Business Owner Policy (BOP) and Commercial Package Policy (CPP).

LG Insurance Agency

LG Insurance Agency is a boutique, full-service insurance agency located in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Lloyd Pro Group Insurance & Financial

Provides cyber liability insurance to small businesses in the Atlanta, GA area.

Lowcountry Insurance

Lowcountry Insurance offers tailored business insurance programs that include cyber liability and cybercrime coverage.

Marcus Insurance

Marcus Insurance is a team of independent insurance agents with extensive experience that can identify the right level of cyber insurance your business needs.

Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc.

Morrow Insurance represents multiple companies that offer coverages for cyber risks depending on the needs of the business.


Our service team is available for questions, service, and support as you consider insurance protection for this serious exposure. You can also instantly rate, quote and bind your policy with minimal questions in less than two minutes!

Orange Insurance & Bonding

Orange Insurance & Bonding is a platform that lets you search and find the best cyber liability insurance across the country.

Paige & Campbell

Provides cyber liability insurance for small businesses in Vermont.

Putnam Record Insurance Agency

Putnam Record Insurance Agency is an insurance brokerage service that can help you find the best cyber liability insurance for you small business located anywhere in the U.S.

This site lets you search and find the right cyber liability insurance for your small business anywhere in the country.

Tech Insurance

Tech Insurance lets you search for and find the best cyber liability insurance for your small business.

The Feingold Copanies

The Feingold Company provides Cyber Insurance to residents in Massachusetts & 25 other states across the nation.

The Hartford

The Hartford allow small businesses to add cyber liability insurance to their existing business owners policy.

The Insurance Center of North New Jersey

We are independent insurance agency, a small business representing many insurance companies. We are located in Bergen County, NJ, but provide services to all of NJ, NY, and PA.


At Travelers, we understand the complexity of cyber threats and have cyber liability insurance solutions to help protect your business assets.

Trusted Choice

Trusted Choice member agent can help you analyze your risk factors and suggest a cyber liability policy that works for you.

T.S. Peck

T.S. Peck provides cyber liability to small businesses in Vermont.


VanWyk is an independent insurance broker that can analyze your needs and help you make the right cyber liability cover decision.

Victor O. Schinnerer & Company

Victor O. Schinnerer & Company offers a sophisticated cyber insurance policy that is customizable for small and mid-size companies.















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