If you intend to sell your assets you can utilize this list of Auctioneers and Liquidators.  Auctioneers & Liquidators will sell your assets at an auction where individuals compete with each other to get the assets thus offering the best price.  This mechanism will allow you to recoup as good a price as you can for the items.  However, the Liquidators & Auctioneers will take a commission of the final sale price as their fee.

Below is a list of Liquidators & Auctioneers.



Auction Guide

See a list of Auctioneers that you can utilize to sell your assets at auction.

Cricket Hill

Provide liquidation and auctioneering services.


Directory of Liquidators.

Epperson Enterprise

Directory of Liquidators.  Search by State.

Go Guides

Directory of Liquidators.

Go Wholesale

Directory of Liquidators.


Register and sell your items.

Power Retailing

Provide liquidation services.


Liquidator that will conduct onsite sale.

Wholesale Directory

Directory of Liquidators.  Search by product category.