Business Accelerators provide a short and intense incubation period to nurture startup businesses.  The goal of acclerators is to turn business ideas into prototypes or products that are ready for market in a manner of months.  Some Accelerators focus on specific industries while others have no specific industry focus and will accept any type of business.  Accelerators can be physical or virtual.  Physical utilizes the office space provided by the Accelerators and Virtual enables you to work from home.

Business Accelerators provides the following benefits to startups:

- Office Space: they provide office space and shared facilities (such as conference rooms) at no cost.

- Telecommunication:  access to a phone system while utilizing their office space.

- Internet Access:  high speed access to the internet.

- Mentoring:  connect you with experienced entrepreneurs for advice and mentoring.

- Finance:   Accelerators provide funding and in return takes an equity stake in your company that ranges from 2-10 percent.  They also help you with seeking additional funding by linking you up with other Venture Capitalists.

- Accounting:  provides accounting advice and assistance.

- Marketing:  provides marketing advice and assistance. 

- Networking:  the oppportunity to network with other entrepreneurs.

Acceptance into an Accelerator program is by invitation.  You first have to find an Accelerator that is specific to your industry and apply through their website and wait for the invitation. 

Use the links below to find Accelerators specifric to your industry and in your area.  You can sort each column by clicking on it.