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23 May 2016


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Nevada Enacts New Child Care Facility Law

It is alrady a requirement for child care facilities in Nevada to be licensed by the State Board of Health or the county or city in which they are located.  Now child care facilities will have another requirement to meet according to a new state law which took effect in 2016.

The new law provides for three new requirements: 

(1) Require a child care facility to provide an appropriate, private space where mothers may breastfeed;

(2) Require certain child care facilities to provide a program of physical activity that:


 (a) Ensures that all children receive daily periods of moderate or vigorous physical activity that are appropriate for the age of the child;

(b) Limits the amount of sedentary activity, other than meals, snacks and naps, that children engage in each day; and

(c) Allows for specialized plans for children with special needs or who have disabilities.

(3) Prohibit a child care from withholding or requiring physical activity as a form of discipline.

Moderate or vigorous physical activity” means activity that significantly uses arms or legs, including, without limitation, brisk walking, skipping, bicycling, hiking, dancing, kicking a ball, gardening, running, jumping, playing tag, chasing games, soccer, basketball and swimming.


Assembly Bill No. 152

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