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23 May 2016


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New Law for Oregon Breweries


One of the new laws that took effect in Oregon in 2016 requires businesses holding a liquor license to maintain liquor liability insurance of not less than $300,000 or maintain a bond with a corporate surety authorized to transact business in this state in the anmount of not less than $300,000.

Businesses are required to meet this new requirement in order to provide coverage for injuries suffered by persons by reason of the conduct of intoxicated persons who were served alcoholic beverages on licensed premises while visibly intoxicated.

This new requirement apply to full on-premises sales licenses, limited on-premises sales licenses and brewery-public house licenses. It also apply to temporary sales licenses, special events winery licenses, special events grower sales privilege licenses, special events brewery-public house licenses, special events brewery licenses and special events distillery licenses if the event that is licensed is open to the public and attendance at the event is anticipated to exceed 300 individuals per day.

The requirements of this section apply to winery licenses, brewery licenses and grower sales privilege licenses unless they submit an affidavit that states that the licensee will not allow consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises at the time they submit for a license or renewal.

Failure to comply with these new requirements will result in a suspension or refusal to renew a license.

There are also new fees.  The annual or daily license fee and the minimum bond required of each class of license under this chapter are as follows:

Fee Minimum Bond
Brewery, including Certificate of Approval $500 $1,000
Winery $250 $1,000
Distillery $100 None
Wholesale Malt Beverage and Wine $275 $1,000
Warehouse $100 $1,000
Special Events Winery License $10 per day  
Brewery-Public House, including Certificate of Approval $250 $1,000
Limited On-Premises Sales $200 None
Off-Premises Sales $100 None
Temporary Sales $50 per day  
Grower Sales Privilege License $250       $1,000
Special Events Brewery License $10 per day  
Special Events Winery License $10 per day  
Special events grower sales privilege license   $10 per day  
Special events brewery-public house license $10 per day  
Special events distillery license         $10 per day  

The fee for a certificate of approval is $175. Special certificates of approval are valid for a period of 30 days. The fee for a special certificate of approval is $10.

The annual license fee for a full onpremises sales license is $400.  No bond is required for any full on-premises sales license.

The annual license fee for a full on-premises sales license held by a nonprofit private club or held by a nonprofit or charitable organization that is registered with the state, is $200.

The annual fee for a wine self-distribution permit is $100, and the minimum bond is $1,000.

House Bill 4053

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