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Jun 2019


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Higher Cost of Doing Business Due To Increase Fuel Taxes

In 2019 entrepreneurs will see the impact of rising fuel taxes on their businesses.


So far States such as Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois and Ohio have enacted gas tax increases.  Virginia is close to enacting an increase that will only apply to a portion of the state.


The federal tax on gasoline is currently 18.4 cents per gallon for unleaded and 23.4 cents for diesel.    State fuel taxes are imposed in addition to the federal fuel tax.  These increases will not only affect businesses in the transportation industry but all products being transported through states with higher fuel cost will likely be impacted as well.


Here are the increases per state:



On March 12, 2019, the Alabama Governor signed Act 2019-2 also known as the Rebuild Alabama Act.  This law raises the gas tax in Alabama by 10 cents.  The current gas tax is 18 cents and the current diesel tax is 19cents.  The 10 cent increase will raise the gas tax to 28 cents and the diesel tax to 29.  Gas and diesel fuel will be raised by 6 cents on 1 September 2019.  It will increase by 2 cents on 1 October 2020 and again on 1 October 2021.  The last time the gas tax in Alabama was increased was 1992.




Arkansas passed a new law that increases the excise tax on gas by 3 cents a gallon to 24.5 cents a gallon and the excise tax on diesel by 6 cents a gallon to 28.5 cents a gallon, effective Oct. 1.  The law indexes future tax increases so that the maximum future increase would be 0.1 cents per gallon per year, meaning a maximum of 1 cent every 10 years.  This marks the first increase on gasoline and diesel tax approved by state lawmakers since 1999.




In Illinois Senate Bill 1939 (which is now law), hikes the state’s motor fuel tax and vehicle registration fees.  The gas tax will go from 19 cents per gallon to 38 cents per gallon.  This will make it higher than California and New York.  Future hike in the fuel tax will be tied to inflation.  Increases will occur automatically without any legislative votes.  The gas tax increase will take effect 1 July 2019.


The law goes further by allowing local municipalities to add further increases to the fuel tax.  It allows Chicago to add a 3 cent per gallon tax; Lake and Will County to impose a 8 cent per gallon tax; and DuPage, Kane and McHenry counties to add a 4-8 cents per gallon tax.  Hence, these locations will have the highest fuel tax in the nation.




Ohio raised their fuel tax in 2019 as well.  There will be a 10.5 cents-per-gallon increase for gas and 19 cents-per-gallon increase for diesel.  This will increase the gas tax from 28 cents per gallon to 38.5 cents per gallon and the diesel tax will be increased from 28 cents per gallon to 47 cents per gallon.  This increase takes 1 July 2019.




A law making its way through the Virginia legislation would increase the fuel tax in Virginia as well.  Currently Virginia taxes gasoline at 22.4 cents per gallon and diesel fuel at 23.7 cents per gallon along the Interstate 81 corridor.  There are 11 million trucks that pass through the Interstate 81 corridor every year.  In the new law being contemplated, the state tax on diesel would rise to 40.5 cents per gallon over a three-year period.  Senate Bill 1716 and House Bill 2718.


Act 2019-2 also known as the Rebuild Alabama Act
Arkansas SB336 - To Provide Additional Revenue for the Maintenance and repair of Highways, Streets and Bridges in the State.
Illinois Senate Bill 1939
Ohio Department of Transportation
Virginia Senate Bill 1716
Virginia House Bill 2718

By Wendy Stuart













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