Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Now Law (Dec 2017)

FCC Restores Internet Freedom (Dec 2017)

Amazon Prime for Business (Dec 2017)

4 Trademark Tips to Protect and Build Your Small Business
Three things marketers must do to better serve customers in 2018
Nicolaus Wolfrum Explains How His Local Small Business Grew Globally on Ebay
 States With No Corporate Income Tax Rate
South Dakota
Key Economic Indicators 
Item  Rate 
CPI: 0.1% (Dec 2017) 
GDP Growth:   3.2% (3rdQTR 2017)
Bank Prime Interest Rate:   4.50%
Consumer Confidence:  122.1% (Dec 2017) 
Small Biz Confidence:  104.9% (Dec 2017) 
Avg Gas Price:  $2.52 


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4 Trademark Tips to Protect and Build Your Small Business

Three things marketers must do to better serve customers in 2018

Nicolaus Wolfrum Explains How His Local Small Business Grew Globally on Ebay

4 Surprising New Ways Businesses Are Using Drones

A Self-Service Insights Tool Is Coming to Pinterest in Early 2018

6 Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Experiences

20 Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2018

What's new in SHOP for 2018

2018’s new laws: California businesses brace for changes

Don’t Take These 6 Shortcuts with Your Startup Business

The A to Z of Attracting Last Minute Shoppers

The Importance of Testing Your Landing Pages

The Small Business Guide to Instagram Stories [Infographic]

The Most Important Quality To Look For When You're Hiring

Employees Trust Bosses Who Display Any of These 5 Successful Leadership Habits

HP and ASUS “Always On” 4G PCs Give Small Businesses Greater Flexibility

Can You Get a Small Business Credit Card with No Credit?

8 Reasons Why Millennials Are More Productive than Any Other Generation

4 B2B Marketing Trends You Can't Afford to Miss in 2018

Master the Art of Instagram for Marketing with these 4 Tips

5 Ways Amazon Has Disrupted Retail—So Far

These Were The Top Selling Items on Cyber Monday

How to Start A Profitable Airbnb Business

4 Ways APAC Retailers Can Connect With Customers

7 Reasons It May Be TIme To Rebrand Your Business

$5 million in loans, flexible financing available for small Delaware businesses

6 Tips To Up Your 2017 Retail Holiday Marketing

Apply These 5 Secrets to Magically Transform Browsers Into Buyers

This 5-Minute Rule Is Proven to Make Your Meetings More Productive

How to Capitalize on Small Business Saturday

Managers: What You Should Do When Employees Report Harassment

What To Do When People Keep Quitting

What Makes a Great Customer Service Experience?

Intuit launches QuickBooks Capital, a small business lending service powered by AI

Twitter looks to simplify its advertising offering with self-serve subscription tool

How to Teach Employees Skills They Don’t Know They Lack

Want Honest Feedback From Employees? 16 Strategies To Try

4 Things to Remember About Debt as a Tool for Your Business

Shoppers Plan to Spend 25 Percent More at Small Businesses Next Year, New Study Finds

10 Tips to Prevent Burglaries at Your Small Business

Scott Galloway Predicts the Future of Retail

Is Your (Lack Of) Social Media Strategy Killing Your Business?

The Top Ten Reasons Good Employees Quit

3 Things Your Business Must Do To Remain Competitive

5 Ways You Can Use Exit Interviews to Improve Performance

Get Started: Holiday spending expected up about 4 percent

The Right -- And Wrong -- Way To Interview A Job Candidate

Want to Sell More Online? Follow These 5 Steps That Lead to Sales

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

5 Tips to Overcoming Major Business Obstacles

What's in Trump's health care executive order?

Thumbtack Instant Match Can Connect Your Service Business to New Customers in Seconds

5 Fascinating Marketing Automation Tactics that Can Help Your Business Grow

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Shares Advice for Small Business Owners

Amazon Echo Spot Features Video Conferencing and Other Business Tools

Pros and Cons of DIY Website Builders Versus Custom Websites

Are You Keeping Up with Employee Recordkeeping Requirements? You Might be Surprised

8 Ways to Take Care of Your Employees (and Their Loved Ones) When a Disaster Strikes

Chrometophobia; How the Fear of Spending is Hurting Your Business

Apply These 4 Pricing Tactics to Drive Major Revenue

50 Small Business Ideas for the Homebody

LiveShopCast Turns Your eCommerce or Retail Store Into a Home Shopping Channel
10 Things Your Small Business Can Learn About Marketing from Apple (INFOGRAPHIC)
10 Perfectly Legitimate Business Expenses You Can’t Deduct
61 Percent of Consumers Prefer Promotional Email to Other Small Business Communications

Apply These 4 Pricing Tactics to Drive Major Revenue

What is the OSHA On-Site Consultation Program And How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Five examples of brands that succeed with word-of-mouth marketing

I Recently Hired My Husband to Join My Business. Here's How We Made It Work

Hiring Seasonal Workers? How to Stay Legally Compliant

How Entrepreneurs Can Break Into High Profile Publications

How Snapchat’s, Facebook’s Location Capabilities Change the Game for Small Businesses

Maker's Beware: 3 Product Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Rookie Mistakes

These 3 Things will Change the Way Your Store Approaches Tomorrow’s Customer

Designing Content for the Mobile-First Index

Love Food and Smallbiz? There’s An App for That

Building Brand Awareness to Drive Leads

Eight Reasons to Include Snapchat In Your Marketing Strategy

These 4 Tactics Will Help Your eCommerce Business Thrive

How to Use Geolocation For Marketing

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: How Can Your Small Business Respond?

See the Surprisingly Painless Way One Company Reduced Energy Costs

45 Percent of Small Business Owners Have Fallen Victim to Cyber Attack Without Knowing It

10 Tips for Being Innovative in Marketing and Business

NYC Small Business First program could benefit your #smallbiz

Microsoft launches new email marketing and invoicing tools for small businesses

9 Crucial Tips to Protect Your Small Business From Credit Card Fraud

Winning Content Strategies Focus On The Long Game

What's Hurting Your Business's Chances At Financing, And What You Can Do About It

What All Entrepreneurs Should Consider Before Selling Their Company

Amazon Creates Alexa Workshops for Small Tech Entrepreneurs

10 Tips for Using New Technology to Benefit Your Business

Creative Ways to Delight Your Customers and Make Them Loyal to Your Brand

Google’s New App Is All About Hiring and Managing Job Applicants

Visa looking to help small businesses go cashless

7 Ways to Sincerely Encourage Your Employees

British Companies Buy Up Bitcoin for Ransoms As Costs of Attacks Surge

Bitcoin Split Is Nothing to Fear

Lessons Learned on the Road to Retail Disruption

Small Business Success Requires Constant Evolution

California looks to expand overtime pay

Marijuana Sales Totaled $6.7 Billion In 2016

Marketplace Seller's Love-Hate Relationship with Amazon

Best 15 Tips for Increasing Sales of Your Content Marketing Service

Raising the Minimum Wage is Not Just Bad for Business Owners

Master the Art of Online Sales with These 20 Tips

Become a Better Negotiator with these Two Words

Huge Drop In Bag Use Due To Bag Tax Could Cost City Millions, Study Finds

Shoestring Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Hard: Read These Simple Tips

7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

Snapchat just made it easier for small businesses to buy ads

Sales on Online Marketplaces Cross $1trillion in 2016

Four Common Mistakes You're Probably Making In Your Job Listing

Good, bad, ugly? Know your customer type and act accordingly

11 Effective Ways to Use Facebook Ads

9 Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials in Your Content

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Email Marketing Efforts

3 tips for starting a B2B blog

25 Ways to Save $250 (or More) Monthly That Most Business Owners Are Ignoring

Why organizations should give employees more say in when, where and how they work

3 Awesome Tips for Turning Business Weaknesses To Strengths

Giving a Performance Review? Avoid These Phrases

Think You May Need a Business Coach? 5 Signs You Are Right

Motivating Employees Is Not About Carrots or Sticks

Avoid These Financing Mistakes That Kill Business Valuations

Create a Standout Marketing Plan with These 3 Innovative Tips

10 Amazing Local Marketing Hacks From This Popular Community Burger Joint

7 Steps to Creating Your Social Media Strategy

Pricing strategies: Which is best for your business?

The Do’s & Don’ts of loyalty marketing

Millennials Are Buying For Businesses. What Does This Mean For Your B2B Brand

Apply These 3 Strategies When Dealing with the Ex in Business

10 Challenges Facing Franchise Owners

What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Embezzlement

Amazon Drops Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan

Highly Effective Tips for Business Success for Startups

Your Trucking Company May be Able to Save on Insurance by Installing Cameras

Business Owners, Want to Help the IRS Create Its New Website? It Will Only Take 7 to 9 Minutes

YP Launches SEO Tool to Boost Search Rankings for Local Businesses

How to minimize customer acquisition costs

How to Manage Remote Employees Successfully

Amazon lent $1 billion to merchants to boost sales on its marketplace

California Lawmakers Pass Bill Expanding Job Opportunities for Veterans - [Good for Smallbiz]

Labor Department walks back Obama-era guidance on 'joint employers' and gig workers

5 B2B Growth Hacking Tools for Your Business

Why your Sales Strategy is not as Clear as you Think

How Much Should You Pay an Intern?

Email vs. social: Which works best for B2C?

How Your Company Credit Can Hold You Back

How a Virtual Assistant. Can help you with Digital Marketing

Business therapy: Co-owners seek help when they can’t agree

Bill Allowing Private Employers to Offer Comp Time Approved by House…..
5 Ways to Instill a Company Culture Even When Your Workforce Is Virtual

6 Innovative ways to attract new customers  

Looking to start a business in Texas? There's no better place than Austin….

Restaurant Kitchen Layout Tip

7 Types of Cyber Attacks Are Threatening Your Small Business Right Now

New Mexico enacts data breach notification Act

The new age of customer service...what do customers want

Cyber Hacks Against SMBs on the Rise – What You Can Do

Choosing A Restaurant Concept

2017 Best & Worse States for Businesses

What It Takes To Sell To Walmart: Three Entrepreneurs Share Their Storie

How to Obtain A Food Handling Certification

5 Ways your Restaurant can Maximize Table Turnover

Americans pony up record $60B keeping pets healthy, happy

How to Negotiate the Best Office Lease for Your Startup

Are online lenders Safe?

How to Price A Menu for your Restaurant

How To Make A Marketing Funnel That Works | Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

3 ways to course-correct the know-it-all newbie

Bill Allowing Private Employers to Offer Comp Time Approved by House, Heads to Senate

7 best practices for managing online reviews of your business

Shutting Down Your Business Gracefully

How can I get my clients to pay faster?

Principles of Commercial Kitchen Design

Restaurant Lighting Tips

Allibaba Wants to Help U.S. Small businesses Sell in China

California Lawmakers Aim to Implement Overtime Rule Despite Federal Delay

Is Instagram Advertising The Right Social Media Platform For Your Brand?

Snapchat vs. Instagram: Which Stories Format Is Winning?

How to Obtain A Liquor License

Designing your Restaurant's Dining Room Layout

Designing your Restaurant's Dining Room Layout

New Laws for Boulder Pot Industry could Impact Revenue in 2017

8 Tips for Doing Business In China

Stronger Beer Coming to TN Stores & Breweries

Are your Marketing Campaigns Telling A Story?

Goodwill isn't just an asset, it's also a strategy

6 Trends in Office Design

How to Brand Your Emails So That You Look Like a Pro in the Inbox
How Small Businesses Can Leverage Big Data
What the Interest Rate Hike Means for Small Business Owners
Blogging myths debunked

Customers Notice When Products Shrink More Than When They Get Bigger

How We Create Authenticity In Small Business Brands

Converting Search Engine Traffic to Customers

Senate Votes to End Rule Protecting Federal Contractors

7 Ways Small Retailers can Compete with Retail Giants Using Google Shopping

Watch out for these Customer Service Missteps

How your small company can compete with larger ones

The Benefits of Hiring Over Qualified Workers

Credit-Report Change could help Entrepreneurs Seeking Loans

Congress Releases Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses

How to Tackle the Challenges of Rapid Growth

Avoid Common Mistakes with Facebook Ad Campaigns

St. Louis Minimum Wage Ordinance Valid, Missouri High Court Rules

Read the clues when confronting a worker

To Change Your Company Culture, Change Your Conversation

The Best Digital Tactics to Reach New Customers

How Lines of Credit Differ Between Banks, Online Lenders

How Small Firms Can Defuse a Political Threat and Blunt a Boycott

FSLA Ruling: When You Don’t Have to Pay Workers for Training Time

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Compete Against the Major Competitors

Take these 5 steps to build word-of-mouth marketing

Develop your Instagram Content Strategy

First-time Entrepreneurs Share Mistakes Made

How Small Retailers Can Keep Innovating

How to Start a Conversation with a Prospect

How to Use Facebook Live Video to Engage Consumers

What Business Owners Should Know About Employing Their Children

5 Signals of Disgruntled Workers

Using Digital Platforms to Promote a Brick-and-Mortar Store

Why Now is Prime Time to Pursue a Business Loan

Do the Math Before Running Discounts

The State of the Retail Industry 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Facebook Advertising

Store Trends: February 2017

Growth is “a marathon, not a sprint”

6 Ways to satisfy Unhappy Customers

12 Mistakes All Small Business Owners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

It’s Who You Know:  Effective Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

Self-Employed Individuals - Calculating Your Own Retirement-Plan Contribution and Deduction

10 Ways to Give Back to Your Community

How to Build Your Business Reputation – Advice from the Experts

5 Ways Content Goes Viral

When to use Non-Disclosure Agreements

5 Marketing Tips to Help You Reach the Price-Sensitive Customer

Retail Predictions for 2017

7 ways to turn setbacks into success stories

Driving ‘Amazing’ Customer Experiences Through Data

Finding My Entrepreneurial Fuel: How I Started a Food Truck Chain

5 big things marketers actually have to start doing in 2017

Are You Taking Your Customers For Granted?

How to Get Press Coverage For Your Product or Service Without a PR Firm

5 Big Trends and Tips for Social Media Marketing

Reminder: Employers Face New Jan. 31 W-2 Filing Deadline; Some Refunds Delayed Until Feb. 15

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR

Attracting and Retaining Retail Talent

Web Design Principles for Entrepreneurs

IRS Warns Taxpayers of Numerous Tax Scams Nationwide; Provides Summary of Most Recent Schemes

Small Business Taxes: What to Expect in 2017

These EEOC wellness rules kick in Jan. 1: Are your plans ready?

Looking Forward on 2017 Tech Trends Disrupting Small Businesses

How mobile and big data are changing retail marketing

Cost-effective system helps smaller online retailers reduce online fraud

It’s time to replace mobile-friendly with mobile-first

When to launch holiday-themed email campaigns: A playbook for marketers

Protect and Secure

ORC on the Rise
Cashing In or Cashing Out
What Should I Blog About? Blogging Tips for Small Business Owners

2016 Retail & Consumer Products Trends

Simple Steps to Addressing Your One-Time Buyer Problem

Lessons Learned From Black Friday & Cyber Monday

5 Realistic Tips for Selling to Large Retailers
Store Trends: December 2016
How Consumers Demand is Driving Mass Customization
How to Approach an Angel Investor: 5 Tips from Experienced Entrepreneurs

3 Easy Strategies to Build an Amazingly Efficient Email List

5 Ways Brand Managers Can Employ Word-of-Mouth Marketing

NRF Store Trends: November 2016

The SBA Small Mentor-Protégé Program

Changes to overtime rules are coming – Here’s what retailers should be concerned about

2016 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook

The Art of Brainstorming

Store Trends:  October 2016

6 Common Myths (Busted) About Social Media Marketing for Startups

Oranized Retail Crime (ORC) Continues to Plague Retailers at Increasing Rates

4 Things You Can Do To Make Data Work For You

7 Sales Channels To Sell Your Products

5 Reasons To Go Local With Your Small Business Loan

How To Create A Go-To-Market Strategy for a New Product
Selling to Millenials

How to Write The Perfect Crowdfunding Press Release

9 Marketing Secrets To STEAL from Walmart

Marcus Lemonis:  Here’s How To Figure Out If Your Business Idea Is Any Good

4 Ways to Make Sure You Aren’t Hiring The Wrong People for Your Startup

Can You Really Start a Business With Just a Smartphone? Yes!

5 Tips to Help Introverts Network On Their Own Terms

‘Mompreneurs’: Best Small Businesses for Moms

Microsoft Stores Expand Support for Small Business

Microsoft Drops Cost on Windows Enterprise to Accomocate Small Businesses

What the Girl Scouts Can Teach Businesses About Launching New Products

More Than Half of U.S. Employees Are Seeking New Gigs: How About Yours?

Committee Spotlights Abusive IRS Tactics

Improve Access To Capital By Joining The Righ Entrepreneur Club

5 Key Tips on Sales Forecasting for Business Owners

Credit application denied: Tips to help improve creditworthiness

How to Win Today's Connected Shoppers
How The Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Retail
Study Says Pizza Works Better Than Cash to Motivate Employees. But One Thing Works Even Better
4 Secrets of Selling to Millenials
Few Small Businesses Take Advantage of Mini-IPOs
Basic Zoning Laws
New Techniques Used to Target Business Email
6 Powerful Ways Worksite Wellness Helps Employees Cope With Change

Timing and Scenarios to Consider B efore Giving an Employee a Raise

7 Reasons Independent Retailers Go Broke

What To Do When Your Employees Ask for A Raise Too Soon

7 Tips for Handling Late-Paying Customers

4 Tactics to Make Sure You Get Paid

How Much Should You Pay Yourself

The Top 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Would Benefit From Hiring Baby Boomers

How to Handle 8 Challenging Custmer Service Scenarios

20 Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending A Dime
9 Tips for Navigating Your First Networking Event
Top 10 Tips for Buying A Franchise
4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Hire Millenials
8 Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better At Networking
How Often Should You Email Your Customers?

7 Tips for Networking

FDA Labeling Requirements for COSMETICS

How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Retail

7 Ways to Master the Art of Customer Follow Up

13 Things Not to Do at a Networking Event, Ever

7 Habits of Highly Effective Restaurant Mangers
How Much of Your Profits Should Go Into Your Pocket - And How Much Should Go Back Into Your Business
Tips for How To Become A Great Restaurant Manager
Facebook Maraketing for Small Businesses
17 Things A Restaurant Manager Should Never Do
Timing & Scenarios to Consider Before Giving an Employee a Raise
Customer Feedback: How To Ask For It Effectively
Wells Fargo Appreciation Offers for your Business
Workers' Compensation Rates Could Go Up After Court Ruling

N.J. Lawmakers Push Road Plan With 23-cent Gas Tax Hike

Don't 'Stop Networking.' Jump Start Doing It Right.
The Surprising Reasons Why Telecommuting is Great for Business
6 Ways to Make Sure Every Meeting Is a Productive One
10 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work (And Why Overwork Could be Killing You)
10 Ways Employers Can Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Employees
Penny Wise and Pound Foolish: How Not To Treat Strategic Suppliers
3 Simple Accounting Hacks That Reduce Overhead Expenses
Three Ways to Ensure Your Chinese Supplier is the Best Fit for You
Best Employment Strategies for Your Warehouse
6 Key Metrics to Drive Social Content Strategy
3 Most Common Mistakes Social Media Marketers Are Commiting in 2016
8 Mistakes Freelancers Make When Setting Up Payment Processing
10 Best Small California Towns to Start A Business
4 Tips for Identifying and Developing High-Performance Employees
What Millenials Want From A New Job
7 Toxic Employee Types - And What You Can Do About Them
Ban The Box: U.S. Cities, Counties & States Adopt Fair Hiring Policies
How To Deal With Employees Who Don't Get Along
Federalizing of Trade Secret and Post-Employment Conduct Law
Jerry Brown Raises California Smoking Age to 21, Tightens Vaping Rules
These States Have Laws Regulating The Use Of Credit Report for Employment
15 Valuable Tips for Optimising Your Sales on Amazon
Stay Vigilant Against Bogus IRS PHone Calls and Emails
Know the Rules:  Free App Connects Anglers With Saltwater Fishing Regulations
Detroit Mayor Wants More Minority, Local Contractors for City's Blight-Removal Efforts
Rep. Kinzinger's Bill, H.R. 2666, Passes the House (Regulation of Broadband Internet Access)
What Is The Average Gross Profit Margin for a Small Retail Business?
Hertzberg Revives Bill To Tax Professional Services In California
Take Action Now - Ask Your Senator To Oppose Mandating Paid Leave
New Laws in 2016 for Maryland Small Businesses
Small Business Cheers Bill to Prevent Court Shopping
Three Positive Trends in Store for Small and Medium Businesses
Infographic: 5 Tech Trends Small Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2016
Seattle pushes sweeping new rules for worker schedules, employers cry foul
New Chinese Rules on Foreign Firms’ Online Content
NFIB Applauds Lawmakers’ Plan to Unwind ‘Budget Gimmick’
New Overtime Rules Coming in 2016: Employers Should Prepare Now
Do FDA’s New Food Safety Rules Apply to Your Farm or Food Business?
The Unforeseen Consequences of Obamacare
State & Local Minimum Wage Increases for 2016
Same-Sex Marriage & Small Businesses
The 5 Marketing and Branding Predictions to Guide Your Small Business in 2016
Tax Policy Changes for Texas in 2016
How To Stop Letting Your Business Run your Life
Twitter Changed Their Rules
SBA's Emerging Leaders Program
This is How Consumer Goods Gets to Market in Asia
National Search to Identify Americas Small Business Champions
How Cloud is Helping Savvy Small Businesses Be Agile & Take on Giants of their Industry
6 Things Small Business Owners Need To Know In Tech This Week
Cashiers and Tellers Stand Up For A Seat
Attackers Have New, Stealthy Ways to Access Data
A Cybersecurity Law In China Squeezes Foreign Tech Companies
Finding The RIght Security Safety Net
Designing A Cost-Effective Mobility Program
Smart Factories Could Usher In A New Age of Manufacturing
New GI Bill Porposal Could Allow Veterans to Open Their Own Businesses
North Carolina Enacts Major Tax Reform Legislation
USPTO Helps Startups by Offering Patent Filing Discounts
Chicago Plastic Bag Ban Goes Into Effect
Windows 10 Free Upgrade Available in 190 Countries
Before Hiring Anyone Else This Summer, Consider This Advice
4 ways Congress could make tax compliance easier for small business
The President Proposes Increasing Overtime Pay Eligibility
Washington State Fruit Grower Hit With $2.25 Million Immigration Fine
Enter Wells Fargo Works for Small Business for a Chance to win $25,000
5 Business Lessons That Can Make or Break a Startup
Get to Know the 5 Cs of Business Credit
How to Build a World-Class Team Without Funding
The Downside of Encouraging Small Business Owners to Tap Home Equity
This New Site Keeps Track of Failed Startups and Why THey Flopped
Facebook Fights Startups Over Names
Assembly Clears Bill Providing Small Business Loans for ADA Compliance
JPMorgan To Revamp Its Processes for Small Business Banking
Google Introduces Android Pay, A Replacement for Its Wallet App on Mobile
Bank-Style Rules for Small Business are Wrong Approach to Data Security
Google Launches its "Project Fi" Wireless Phone Service
DOD Rolled Out A New Site for SBIR
Google Is Forcing You To Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
House Passes Four Small Business Bills Opening Doors for Veterans, Entrepreneurs and Disaster Victims






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