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U.S. Labor Department Changed  Ovewrtime Rules  (Oct2019)

Minors in WI Can Freely Operate Lemonade Stands  (Oct 2019)

New California Independent Contractor Law  (Oct 2019)

New IL Corporate Board Rules (Sep 2019)

Online Scammers Target Businesses (Sep 2019)

Top 10 List of Scams and Frauds for 2019 (Sep 2019)

The Raise The Wage Act (Aug 2019)

Help for Native American Entrepreneurs (Aug 2019)

Important Changes to Microsoft Skype for Business (Aug 2019)

Retail Stores Being Forced to Take Cash (JUL 2019)

Court Ruling Require EEOC Pay Reporting (JUL 2019)

Estate Tax Changes 2019 (JUL 2019)

Big Changes Coming To The Retirement System (JUN 2019)

Higher Cost of Doing Business In Illinois Due To Fuel Taxes (JUN 2019)

Higher Income Tax for Entrepreneurs In IL (JUN 2019)

New U.S. - China Tariffs (May 2019)

Exeuctive Order Limits Foreign Telecom Equipment Use (May 2019)

Tariffs with Canada and Mexico Removed (May 2019)

Twitter Limits Following (Apr 2019)

Tax Simplification Act of 2019 (Apr 209)

Giving Tax Incentives To Marijuana Companies (Apr 2019)

More States Ban Pay History Inquiry (Mar 2019)

IL Minimum Wage Hike In 2019 (Mar 2019)

Alibaba and Office Depot Team Up To Offer Entrepreneurs More (Mar 2019)

New 2019 Laws Affecting NY Businesses (Feb 2019)

New 2019 Laws Affecting CA Businesses (Feb 2019)

New 2019 Laws Affecting Businesses in the North East (Feb 2019)

2019 Minimum Wage Increases (Jan 2019)

Federal Contractors Have To Pay Higher Wages in 2019 (Jan 2019)

New Workplace Anti-Harassment Laws for 2019 (Jan 2019)

Collecting IL Online Sales Tax (Dec 2018)

NJ Plastic Bag Ban Coming Soon (Dec 2018)

Financial Protections for Small Businesses in CA (Dec 2018)

EU Propose New Copyright Laws (Nov 2018)

CA New Privacy Laws (Nov 2018)

CA Businesses Required Female Board Members (NOV 2018)

The U.S., Mexico & Canada Have A New Trade Agreement (Oct 2018)

Why Are States Passing Their Own Net-Neutrality Laws? (Oct 2018)

Why Is Marketing Important to Your Business? (Oct 2018)

Protecting Critical U.S. Businesses  (Sep 2018)

The U.S. and Mexico Reached A Free Trade Agreement  (Sep 2018)

Unique SEO Articles Will Enhance Your Small Business  (Sep 2018)

Intellectual Property Protection Training for Small Businesses (Aug 2018)

Missouri Right-To-Work Reversal (Aug 2018)

Tariff Aid for U.S. Farmers (Aug 2018)

Amazon Want To Help You Start A Delivery Service (Jul 2018)

New Ruling on Intenet Tax Could Negatively Impact Your Smallbiz (Jul 2018)

Supreme Court Rules On Religious Clause (Jul 2018)

How Should Employers Handle Disputes With Employers (Jun 2018)

Changes to Dodd-Franks Could Be Good For Your Small Business (Jun 2018)

Is Working For Yourself A Dream Job? (Jun 2018)
Senate Voted to Overturn Net Neutrality Rule (May 2018)
Seattle Head Tax (May 2018)

CA Removable Plastic Bottle Caps and Straw Ban (May2018)

CA Coffee Labeling Requirement (Apr 2018)

Eliminating Credit Card Signature Requirement (Apr 2018)

The Tarrif War and Your Smallbiz (Apr 2018)

Delaware Repeals Estate Tax ( Mar 2018)

Indiana Sunday Alcohol Sale Authorized (Mar 2018)

New Rules for Transportation Businesses In Connecticut (Mar 2018)

It's OK To Sell Marijuana in Maine (Feb 2018)

No More Estate In New Jersey (Feb 2018)

Tennessee Barbers Can Expand Their Services (Feb 2018)

Iowa Craft Distillers Can Serve On Premises (Jan 2018)

California New Parent Leave Act (Jan 2018)

Tax Credit for Montana Employers (Jan 2018)

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Now Law (Dec 2017)

FCC Restores Internet Freedom (Dec 2017)

Amazon Prime for Business (Dec 2017)

GDPR Goes Into Effect Next Year (Dec 2017)

New Net Neutrality Changes Coming (Nov 2017)

Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Nov 2017)

House Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Nov 2017)

New Executive Order Permits Buying Insurance Across State Lines (Oct 2017)

Are You Grant Your Employees Sick Leave (Oct 2017)

What Does Tax Reform Mean For Your Smallbiz (Oct 2017)

Equifax Data Breach Could Hurt Your Small Business (Sep 2017)

How to Treat Your Employees During Disasters (Sep 2017)

Help for Small Businesses in Disasters (Sep 2017)

Blacklisting Rule - Gone (Aug 2017) 

Anatomy of a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign (Aug 2017) 

The ACA Repeal Efforts Continue (Aug 2017) 

The Corporate Transparency Act (Aug 2017) 

Cook County, IL Sweetened Beverage Tax (Jul 2017)

Should The Popularity of Bitcoin Spur You To Accept It? (Jul 2017)

Higher Taxes for IL Small Businesses (Jul 2017)

Highly Effective Tips for Business Successful for Startups (Jun 2017)

How Can Startups Get Government Contracts (Jun 2017)

Washington State New Rules on Crowdfunding (Jun 2017)

Kansas State Tax Increase (Jun 2017)

Revocation of Executive Order 13673 (May 2017)

Deductions and Credits for Marijuana Businessess (May 2017)

IL Domestic Violence Training for Hairstylists (May 2017)

NYC Small Business Jobs Survival Act (Apr 2017)

CA: Salons & Barbershops can Offer A Drink (Apr 2017)

NYC Freelance Isn't Free Act (FIFA) (Apr 2017)

California New Bathroom Law (Mar 2017)

Minneapolis Approve Paid Sick Leave (Mar 2017)

Free The Six Pack (Mar 2017)

Professional & Business Licensing Help for Veterans (Feb 2017)

Pennsylvania Gas Tax Hike (Feb 2017)

Income Tax Reduction for Ohio Enterprises (Feb 2017)

IL Expanded Sick Leave for Workers (Jan 2017)

NYC Bathroom Requirements for Businesses (Jan 2017)

California Requires Equal Pay for Equal Work (Jan 2017)

RESPECT Act Will Offer Protection from The IRS (DEC 2016)

Wyoming Internet Sales Tax Bill Being Conmsidered (Dec 2016)
Installing CCTV Cameras to Protect the Health & Safety of Employees in the Workplace (Dec 2016)

Corporate Tax Increase for Louisiana Businesses 2017 (Dec 2016)

Arizona Voted Yes to Increase Minimum Wage (Nov 2016)

Maine Vorted Yes to Increae Minimum Wage (Nov 2016)

Colorado Voted Yes to Increase minimum Wage (Nov 2016)
Washington State Voted Yes To Increase Minimum Wage & Authorize Sick Leave (Nov 2016)

Establishing A Contractor Relationship in AZ (Oct 2016)

Veterans Entrepreneurs Exemption From Franchise Taxes (Oct 2016)

New Jersey Gas Tax Hike (Oct 2016)

Microsoft Introduces Surface Membership (Sep 2016)

More Government Contracting for AZ Veterans (Sep 2016)

Microsoft Accelerate Your Business Program (Sep 2016)

Louisiana Exempts Minors From Occupational License Tases (Aug 2016)

Workers Compensation Reduction In GA (Aug 2016)

Lousiana Origin of Product Law (Aug 2016)

Colorado Universal HealthCare Will Mean Higher Taxes for Businesses (Jul 2016)

Philadelphia Imposes Soda Tax (Jul 2016)

Small Businesses in Chicago Will Have to Provide Paid Sick Leave (Jul 2016)

Help for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses in New Mexico (Jun 2016)

Utah New Non-Compeete Agreement Law (Jun 2016)

Montgomery County Tax Hike (Jun 2016)

New Law for Oregon Breweries (May 2016)

Oregon Minimum Wage Changes (May 2016)

Nevada Enacts New Childcare Facilikty Law (May 2016)

Do not Hire Unauthorized Aliens In Indiana (Apr 2016)

California $15 Minimum Wage (Apr 2016)

Oregan Agencies Can Collect Debt (Apr 2016)

NC Taxes Services (Mar 2016)

NYC Employers Must Offer Commuter Benefits (Mar 2016)

Employers Must Offer Paid Sick Leave in Oregon (Mar 2016)

ACA Changes for Small Businesses In 2016 (15 Feb 2016)

New Tax Filing Due Dates for 2016 (15 Feb 2016)

Section 179 Deduction Expanded (15 Feb 2016)

New Requirement for Childcare Industry (11 Jan 2016)

Country of Origin Labeling Repealed (11 Jan 2016)

One Less Tax To Worry About (11 Jan 2016)

UberRUSH Can Boost Your Small Business (26 Oct 2015)

New York State Will Increase Minimum Wage (26 Oct 2015)

IBM Watson for SMall Businesses (26 Oct 2015) 

NYC Salt Warning Requirement (14 Sep 2015)

New NYC Sidewalk Cafe Rule (14 Sep 2015)

Sick Leave for Federal Contractor Employees (14 Sep 2015)

New Jersey Lawmakers Considering Sick Leave Law (31 Aug 2015)

Tax Increases Coming to Ramsey County, MN (31 Aug 2015)

This NLRB Ruling Could Adversely Impact Your Small Business (31 Aug 2015)

Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday (7 Jul 2015)

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave for Montgomery County, MD (7 Jul 2015)

Los Angeles Minimum Wage Increase (16 Jun 2015)

Small Businesses Have An Important Deadline (16 Jun 2015)

More Minimum Wage Increase Could Be Coming to California (11 May 2015)

Small Business Sales Tax Holiday (11 May 2015)
Food Trucks May Be Permitted To Sell Alcohol Beverages (Washington) (11 May 2015)

Death Tax Repeal Passed In The House (16 Apr 2015)

The Impact of Drones & Your Small Business (13 Apr 2015)

Denying Service on Religious Grounds (13 Apr 2015)

Can A Business Refuse To Provide Service? (13 Apr 2015)

Sole Source Contracts for Women-Owned Small Businesses (13 Feb 2015)

Restoring The Traditional Work Week (13 Feb 2015)

New Opportunities in China for Online Businesses (26 Jan 2015)

Is START-UP NY Good for Small Businesses (26 JAN 2015)

ACA Relief for Small Businesses That Hire Veterans (26 JAN 2015)

Chicago New Minimum Wage Rate (15 Dec 2014)

Operation Check Point (15 Dec 2014)

2014 Referendum Approving Minimum Wage Increases (6 Nov 2014)

Small Businesss Personnel Report Proposed Rule (1 Nov 2014)

The IRS Could Cease Your Smallbiz Bank Account (1 Nov 2014)

ACA Insurance Portal Opens To Small Businesses (1 Nov 2014)

he SBA Wants To Increase Small Business Size Standards (1 Nov 2014)

Apple Pay & SMall Businesses (2 Oct 2014)

iPhone 6 Deals for Small Businesses (2 Oct 2014)

CA Plastic Bag Ban (2 Oct 2014)

California Senate Pases Minimum Wage Increase (30 May 2014)

Seattle Pending Minimum Wage Increase (29 May 2014)

Michigan Minimum Wage Set to Increase (29 May 2014)

FDA New Serving Size Proposal (19 May 2014)

FDA Proposed hand Soap Rule (19 May 2014)
Bill to Help Women Owned Small Businesses with Government Contracting (19 May 2014)

Giving Up The Internet (10 Apr 2014)

Illinois Temporary Tax Increase (10 Apr 2014)

Net Neutrality & Your Small Business (10 Apr 2014)

Individual Mandate Extended To 2016 (17 Mar 2014)

Updating Overtime Pay Rules (17 Mar 2014)
Comment on the FDA Ruling Protecting Food Against Intentional Adulteration (17 Mar 2014)
Comment on This SEC Ruling New Exemption for Small Public Offerings (17 Mar 2014)
A Boost for Indiana Businesses - Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) Expansion (4 Mar 2014)
Boost Your Business With Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) (4 Mar 2014)

Executive Order To Improve Trade (21 Feb 2014)

CBO Evaluation of The Minimum Wage Increase (21 Feb 2014)

Executive Order To Increase Minimum Wage (21 Feb 2014)

ACA Employer Mandate Extension (17 Feb 2014)

Lowering Illinois Corporate Tax Rate (17 Feb 2014)

San Francisco Corporate Tax Rate Change (17 Feb 2014)
Minimum Wage Increases for 2014 (10 Feb 2014)
Offer Comment on This Ruling -  OSHA Crystaline Silica Ruling (10 Feb 2014)
First Class Mail Cost Increase (10 Feb 2014)

New York Internet Sales Tax Law Upheld (4 Dec 2013)
Sick Leave Is Now Authorized for Small Businesses In Jersey City, NJ. (6 Nov 2013)

New Jersey Raises Minimum Wage (6 Nov 2013)

Colorado Marijuana Tax (6 Nov 2013)

ACA Subsidies Delima May Derail Obamacare & Impact Small Businesses (28 Oct 2013)

Funding Gets Easier For Small Businesses (28 Oct 2013)

New Crowdfunding Rules Coming Soon (28 Oct 2013)

Illinois Internet Sales Tax Overturned (28 Oct 2013)

Meet With Indiana Small Biz Caucus (19 Aug 2013)

NYC Soda Ban Overturned (19 Aug 2013)

Swipe Fee Rule Overturned (19 Aig 2013)

An Opportunity for Small Businesses In Indiana (29 July 2013)

Ohio Small Business Receiving Payback (29 July 2013)

NY City Paid Sick Leave Law (30 Jun 2013)

Los Angeles Plastic Bag Ban (30 Jun 2013)

Nevada Sue Your Boss Act (17 May 2013)

Nevada Construction Defect Law (17 May 2013)

California Small Business Tax Repeal (17 May 2013)

A Win For Small Businesses in New York (12 Mar 2013)

The Push To Lower Taxes in Oklahoma (12 Mar 2013)

Tax Reform Coming To Minnesota (12 Mar 2013)

Louisiana May Become Another Income Tax Free State (12 Mar 2013)

An Opportunity To Become A Goldman Sachs 10,000 (25 Feb 2013)

Small Businesses Are Not Very Positive - January 2013 (25 Feb 2013)

Another Pending Tax From The Affordable Care Act (25 Feb 2013)

A Negative 4th Quarter GDP Report (30 Jan 2013)

Social Security Tax Back to 6.2% (14 Jan 2013)

Medicare Tax Increase for 2013 (14 Jan 2013)

Small Change in Small Business Optomism Index for December 2012 (14 Jan 2013)

New Jersey Minimum Wage Increase (10 Dec 2012)

New York Minimum Wage Increase (10 Dec 2012)

Michigan May Become The 24tgh Right-To-Work State (10 Dec 2012)

California Tax Hikes Affecting Small Businesses (9 Nov 2012)

Small Business Saturday 2012 (9 Nov 2012)

An Oregon Small Business Advantage Opportunity (9 Nov 2012)

For Small Business Owners In California (15 Oct 2012)
Small Businesses Are Still Pessimistic In September 2012 (10 Oct 2012)

A Security Threat Warning (9 Oct 2012)

Would You Start A Small Business Today? (1 Oct 2012)

Oregon "Truck Green Light Program" (1 Oct 2012)

New Mexico Got Rid of Vendor Registration Fees (24 Sep 2012)

New York City Bans Sugary Beverages Over 16 Ounces (13 Sep 2012)
Help for Small Businesses Hurt by Hurricane Isaac in MississppI (12 Sep 2012)
Help for Small Businesses Hurt by Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana (12 Sep 2012)
Weekly SBA Lending Report - Week Ending 7 September 2012 (12 Sep 2012)
Small Businesses Optomism Index Declined Again (16 August 2012) 
Small Businesses In The Medical Marijuana Industry Are Under Pressure (1 August 2012) 

Louisiana Small Business Tax Holiday 2012 (1 August 2012) 

The SBA Helping Veterans Become Entrepreneurs (27 July 2012)

Bringing Business to Indian Country (27 July 2012)

Retrofit Your Fleet with Financial Help From The State Of California (22 July 2012)

Doing Business With Some Cities May Be Bad For Your Small Business Health (22 July 2012)

The California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (22 July 2012)

The Supreme Court Upheld Health Care Law (29 June 2012)

Killing Medical Device Tax To Save Small Businesses (15 June 2012)

EEOC Ruling on Arrest and Conviction Records (14 May 2012)

Small Business Week 2012 (14 May 2012)

Making Life Easier for Small Businesses (18 April 2012)

Minnesota Right To Work Legislation (18 April 2012)

Maryland Gas Tax Hike (18 April 2012)

Connecticut Small Business Express Program (23 March 2012)

Another Way For Businesses In Alabama To Reduce Cost   (23 March 2012)

Another Good Reason To Do Business In Alabama (23 March 2012)

Should You Consider Starting or Moving Your Business to A "Right to Work" State?  (18 February 2012)

Payroll Tax Cut for Employees but no Relief for Employers (17 February 2012)

Childcare Background Checks Requirement Coming Soon? (29 January 2012)

Is SOPA Bad for Your Small Business? (29 January 2012)

Are You Breaking The Law - E-Verify (15 January 2012)

2012 Minimum Wage Changes (27 December 2011)

Small Business Theft - The External Threat (21 December 2011)

Small Business Theft - The Internal Threat (21 December 2011)

How Georgia Work$ Can Help Your Small Business (30 October 2011)

Amazon/California Internet Tax Deal (30 October 2011)

The Deadline Is Approaching For Health Care Waivers (16 September 2011)

President Obama's Recovery Plan (12 September 2011)

Something Good for Small Businesses is In The Works (12 September 2011)

Patent Reform Act of 2011 (12 September 2011)

FEDS Set New Swipe Fee Limit for Retailers (1 July 2011)

Arkansas Passed New Internet Sales Tax Law (1 July 2011)

California Passed New Internet Sales Tax Law (1 July 2011)

Swipe Fees Going Down for Retailers (8 June 2011)

Lower Taxes For Some Florida Small Businesses (6 June 2011)

SBA E200 Inner City Initiative (6 June 2011)

10,000 Small Businesses (Goldman Sachs) (28 May 2011)

Governor Pat Quinn signs Illinois Internet Retail Sales Tax Law (10 March 2011)

Illinois Internet Retail Sales Tax Law (7 March 2011)

President Obama meet with the Chamber of Commerce (7 Feb 2011)

Illinois Tax Hikes (11 Jan 2011)

Obama signs Tax Bill into Law Extending Bush Tax Cuts (17 Dec 2010)

Good news for small businesses (compromise on taxes) (6 Dec 2010)

How does the new Health Care Law (HR.3590) affect your Small Business (28 Mar 2010)

How does The Small Business and Job Creation Act of 2010 affect your Small BusinesS (28 Sep 2010)

What if the Bush Tax Cuts were repealed? How would it impact your business? (15 October 2010)